Stanch Lighting and Energy
About Us
Stanch Lighting and Energy provides our customers with the best possible information and solutions regarding their lighting and renewable energy needs for their churches, businesses, schools, universities and healthcare facilities.

We provide these services based on over 16 years of experience in working with all these types of clients. The owner of Stanch Lighting and Energy is Mike Stanch, who has been in the lighting retrofit business since 1992. Mr. Stanch has worked with hundreds of customers throughout the Midwest to save energy on their lighting coasts and improve the quality of their lighting.

Our approach is unique- we actually listen to our customers before we provide a solution to your needs and concerns.

The key is to ask the right questions and start a dialogue regarding your need and concerns. For example, the following questions may arise in the course of our discussion:

* Is the cost of energy related to lighting and other uses causing you to divert resources away from your main mission?

* Have your energy costs for lighting and other uses increased over the years?

* Are you looking for ways to reduce your energy use for lighting and thereby reduce your costs?

* Are you concerned about the quality and quantity of light in your work space?

* Is there too much light or not enough?

* Do the users of your space complain about the quality and quantity of light?

* Are your lighting systems hard to maintain?

* Are your lamps and ballasts failing at an alarming rate?

* Are you concerned about the effect of excessive energy use on the environment?

* Do you want to help the environment and your organization's bottom line?

These are some of the questions we typically ask our clients before starting an engagement. It is important to explore these issues so that our solution will match your expectations for a successful project.
Services Provided
Stanch Lighting and Energy provides the following services to our customers:

1. Independent, impartial advice and consulting services based on our expertise and over 16 years of experience in the lighting and renewable energy field.

2. Lighting audits for institutional, commercial and industrial customers.

3. Energy savings analysis of current situation and proposed solution.

4. Project implementation services including turnkey solutions for lighting and renewable energy projects.

5. Knowledge of possible rebates, grants and financing solutions for clients.

6. Application of newest technologies in lighting and renewable energy to customer needs.